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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Worth a read Before you join @giffgaff

I've had a sim for about 2 wks & have recently added another in a dongle. Today I've had my number ported from AsdaMobile: except it hasn't, as yet!
I put 1/2 a gig on the dongle sim to check it out. Speed ok, but that's down to O2. But I seem to have used 450 meg in 2/3 days. You must be joking!  Bullshit!
 To round up: giffgaff seems to be an amateur affair, which doesn't suit me. I, in common with most phone users want a proffesional well-run service; & we're prepared to pay for it. The price difference between this & O2 or T-Mobile, for instance, is not sufficient to make it worth anyone's while to accept such a poorly organised venture.
I think I'll cut my losses & return to the real world. With all the big boys faults, at least they offer a properly organised facility, & at about only 20/30% more than giffgaff.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wintering & the Universe

Wintering as I did last year, & am doing this year, in sunny Nottingham, the 2 things that strike me of the difference between remote & urban living are: the ease of obtaining goods & services in the latter; & the god-awful overcrowding to be endured, again in the latter.
Dilemma, eh what chaps?
Because the 2nd produces the need for the first!
Back to the drawing board, you gods, & you politicians & social theorists!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

final test for today, at any rate!

more exciting & desperate times in setting up thisx new system