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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Worth a read Before you join @giffgaff

I've had a sim for about 2 wks & have recently added another in a dongle. Today I've had my number ported from AsdaMobile: except it hasn't, as yet!
I put 1/2 a gig on the dongle sim to check it out. Speed ok, but that's down to O2. But I seem to have used 450 meg in 2/3 days. You must be joking!  Bullshit!
 To round up: giffgaff seems to be an amateur affair, which doesn't suit me. I, in common with most phone users want a proffesional well-run service; & we're prepared to pay for it. The price difference between this & O2 or T-Mobile, for instance, is not sufficient to make it worth anyone's while to accept such a poorly organised venture.
I think I'll cut my losses & return to the real world. With all the big boys faults, at least they offer a properly organised facility, & at about only 20/30% more than giffgaff.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wintering & the Universe

Wintering as I did last year, & am doing this year, in sunny Nottingham, the 2 things that strike me of the difference between remote & urban living are: the ease of obtaining goods & services in the latter; & the god-awful overcrowding to be endured, again in the latter.
Dilemma, eh what chaps?
Because the 2nd produces the need for the first!
Back to the drawing board, you gods, & you politicians & social theorists!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

final test for today, at any rate!

more exciting & desperate times in setting up thisx new system

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ireland: my place: further:-

Hello again. Where is this location location place then? 25mls from the border on the Irish Republic side near to Ballinamore in co. Leitrim. Google Cornagher & you'll see the country its in. Unfortunately, google never came up my laneway, because its private, & so the best you can do is to see the lane entrance from the little country lane they drove down past the cottage at the bottom (not mine, by the way).
If you're looking for seclusion, security, peace, & maybe some degree of self sufficiency, well you've found it!
Now thats all for today; but soon I shall have made a video to follow on from the google earth pics so you'll be able to follow my laneway up the hill. & eventually, I shall disclose the asking price!, or you can email me at: or skype me at: dougdevos, if you really can't wait for the price!
Bye for now

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ireland: my place

I¨ve decided to put my Irish property on the market, internationally. So over the next month I¨m going to take some pics & a video of it, which I shall put up as & when.
But before that I¨m going to blog it a bit so you can get an idea of what its about.
Its def location location for a start. What your own Irish Hilltop, surrounded by farmland (which is buyable) & 1/4 mile laneway access from the road? & along that road, 4 other people live! & maybe 10-15 cars a day use?
2 stonebuilt cottages on the 1 1/3 acre site, with the possibility of p/p for a house on the 3/4 acre field which whilst a part of the site, is separate & secluded from the rest of the farmyard.
Think about it! More to follow!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our new investment plan.

If you go to: you will see the new investment plan for the small investor displayed. Well here are a few ideas as to how I see it shaping.

Firstly, these are only ideas; as I said in the intro on the website, nothing's written in stone!

Next, I don't see this as a massive world-wide plan for all of humanity to own a slice of the good life & have an untold number of foreign hols each year. It would be nice, but lets keep our feet on the ground! No, I see it, initially as a small plan for a few people , to start with, gradually increasing in numbers, & value, as we grow in experience together. Maybe 10/15, initially, rising to more month by month, until we all decide that this or that size is the optimum one we feel comfortable with.

Now that last paragraph raises more questions than it provides answers for; & this will be the tone of this & subsequent blogs on this subject, as interested parties email me with their ideas, suggestions & questions. So please email me at: . After all, my idea, which is written in stone, is that this plan will be owned & operated by every investor in it. I am happy to manage it. but working on behalf of you, the investor. I shall need expenses, as will any of yourselves who may chip in with management functions from time to time; but all the profits will go towards paying expenses, taxes (which are very low in Bg), & yearly profits ( which I think initially should be set at a low (5%) rate so to not be a burden on the fledgling company). This 5% rate merely reflects what you can earn with a long-term investment in a building society. The two more important benefits are an increase in capital value due to property prices rising in the long term, (& these are at a present all-time low, so the only way is up, as most investment gurus are predicting); &, of course, foreign holidays! Not to be sniffed at!

Well, I'll close now, & await you potential investors out there to email me with your thoughts. So bye for now, doug de vos

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Unfortunately,the sorry little tale of silly, sad, & damaging deeds at Cerno Pole late last year has still not been brought to a conclusion; satisfactory or otherwise!
& so I post again about Bulgaria; still in the belief that the Vidin area is worth a look at. I must say that all of the people I have met & done business with around there have been good, honest, & reasonable people. & so let us hope that, apples & barrels, the bad ones are speedily picked out, so as not to taint the good with their rottenness.
Anyway, this post is by way of an advert aimed at businesses involved in the property market around that area who may wish to avail themselves of a free link to their website on my small sites: & .
I have recently set these two sites up & need ads, links, emails, blogs etc. for them. So its up to you all out there! A website is a flag on a mountain top! The view creates the traffic! So please help to improve the view! After all, its at you the tourists will be looking!
Lets hope for regular posts now , from me, about you, the advertisers!. See you soon, regards, doug

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Panic over chaps! sorted the link out! A continual struggle between myself & my computer. But Ubuntu reigns! Yippee!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

(Sorry about this but I'm having trouble with this blogging software from Ubuntu, so hence the format & possible duplication; but do read on!)

A Cautionary Tale

This little story is aimed at all UK & Irish would-be investors in the Bulgarian property market.

When you buy property in either the UK or Ireland as an investment the main considerations are price, value -present & future, future saleability, & possibly present let-ability. To some extent as well, the possibility of vandalism may be in your mind.

With these considerations in mind, please read on:-

Some 3/4 years ago, A person I know very well bought a property in Bulgaria, near to Belogradchik, in a village called Cerno Pole. In the course of my visits to that part of the world I visited the property regularly, in order to keep an eye on things. All was well until my last visit in Nov. 2010.

The property consisted of a substantial 2 storey house with a good piece of land, on which were built strongly constructed barns & outbuildings, including a summerhouse attached to the end of the house itself.

As I walked down the path to the property I couldn't believe my eyes! The barns, the outbuildings, & the summerhouse had disappeared! All that was left was the foundations where they had been & a neat pile of stones that represented a small fraction of the original; & which for all the world looked as if they had been stacked ready for later movement.

Yes folks, the buildings had been STOLEN!

I reported this to the lawyer involved in the original purchase &, of course, the present owner.

The said owner made hasty representations to the said lawyer who said that the matter would be looked into & reported to the authorities.

This was before christmas 2010, & to this date nothing has been done about the matter.

The name of the person who committed this act of theft, on such a large scale, I may add, is known to the authorities, including the lawyer aforementioned, & the mayor of the village, & yet nothing has been done about it. &, to my knowledge, no arrests have been made, or prosecutions pending!

So, beware! The owner contacted the Bulgarian Embassy in London, who replied that this happens quite often, & in other countries also??? I am 68 & have been involved in property in a small way for years. I have heard of goods being stolen from houses; & goods being stolen from off houses; but never a house, or even a substantial part of ot being stolen!

Now I don't want to put anyone off investing in Bulgaria; there are plenty of good investment opportunities in that beautiful country. But if you do, make sure your place is well overseen, by a trustworthy native of the area.

I will keep this story updated as & when further developements take place. & I hope that eventually I can report a happy outcome.

& I must say, to the perpetrators of the dastardly deed: You do neither yourselves nor your country any good by this sad action; which brings a good people into disrepute. Let us hope the authorities & others involved in this, or who have knowledge of this whilst standing by & doing nothing, bring this sorry tale to a sensible conclusion, speedily.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A trial blog using a bit of clever(???) software

It is with deep joy that I announce that, despite the winter conditions in Bg, the economic conditions in Europe, & the stupidity of a few Bulgarians who live in the Vidin/Belogradchik area, (more of that next week!), property is being inspected, interest is being shown, & buyers in general are around!!!

A-mazing, innit?

More next week; both about the good news, & unfortunately, the bad as well.

Bye for now, doug.