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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cheap as Chips!

Hello, I'm back! Bulgaria is still there!
The news is good & bad: good for buyers, but bad for sellers.
The best stories about selling are:- 1) the cheapest sale I've seen this year was on Ebay; where 600 sq. metres of regulated land went for 360GBP!!!; & 2) I was offered a cottage, with a small area of land, & a trout stream nearby, for 600GBP! (no, I haven't made a mistake with the noughts!); & this was from an English guy???
Anyway, get in there, because at the prices extant at present, the only way can be up; but a word of warning! There is some theft of buildings going on at present by fly operators demolishing old or interesting architectural relics, ie: barns etc., for export to countries like GB, for instance. They are choosing country properties that have been purchased, & left idle. So if you buy, please cover yourself, if you're not intending to renovate or live ther immediately, by arranging for your property to be manages r overseen by someone local to the area.
Anyway, I'm now busy with my 2 new websites, & then . So I'll finish for now, but blogs will be posted regularly this winter, as news arrives. Bye for now, Doug de Vos.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello all! I've not posted for a while because I've been busy; & this blog will be very short. Merely to say that I'm going to Bulgaria the first week in November, for a break & to start getting sorted my new website: .
So, all I can say is:"Watch this space for further attractions!
Bye for now, Doug

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buying to rent in Bulgaria

This market, like the property market, is fragmented still in Bg.
Where my properties are, in the north-west corner of this fairly large ,small country, there is as yet no established holiday letting market. This is one of the reasons why its cheap to buy there; & so a good long-term investment. Everything is there for a holiday: beautiful unspoilt surroundings- mountains, lakes, the Danube, hunting, fishing, walking, etc., but the infrastructure is missing. This is not to say that you couldn't let a cottage there; it merely means that you would have to advertise it yourself, & any guests would have to make their own arrangements for what to do whilst there. Not that they would find themselves short of things to do; there's plenty!
But EU money is coming into Vidin province; an airport is planned; the Danube is being bridged as we speak!; all the major roads have been re-built; & attractions like the Baba Vida fortress & the Belogradchik Rocks (google these), are well established. There is also a marina planned on the Danube at Vidin.
& at an approximate costing of say 10/15,000 euros for purchase & renovation of a property in that area, with a 25% occupancy rate during the summer advertised locally in Ireland or the UK you would see a reasonable return on investment. That, coupled with the value increase on property in that area will make it a good investment overall, for very little outlay. Remember, for the price of one apartment on Sunny Beach, you could have three cottages, renovated, around Vidin!
If you are interested in this please email me & I can give you more details of building firms there & property management people around Vidin.
I am setting up a new website over this spring for just this type of enquiry. On it will be adverts from builders, property managers, estate agents etc. plus a forum for exchanging views, problems, & general chat about buying in Bulgaria.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Property Prices in Bulgaria

By Way of Explanation:
Take yourselves back 30 years. Ireeland then, was the poor man of the EU.
A house in Dublin would have cost 20/30,000 Irish Pounds; yes?
Its equivalent in the west of Ireland, maybe 3/5,000: ok?
Ireland was poor; anyone who had any sense at all either went to the east coast for work, or went abroad.
Bulgaria is the same now. If you live in the west(ie. Vidin province, for instance), you go east , young man/woman. Sofia, the Black Sea coast, or abroad, for work.
Desparately poor economy usually equals fragmented property market.
Move forward to, say, the year 2004. That little irish cottage in Connemara is now valued in the 100's of thousands. So if you bought it when it was 5, you made a profit! & how!
How did this occur? The EU money kick-started the economy between '94 & 2000; yes? & Irish wit & wisdom did the rest!
Money is trickling into Bg at an ever-increasing rate; & the old Bulgars are a bit like the Irish, daft as foxes! Just watch Bulgaria & give 'em 10 years. Ok?
So I'll leave the rest to your very wise Irish imagination; but watch this space!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is a lovely little cottage. Not a lot of land, but in the centre of the village of Cerno Pole, with the shop literally around the corner (left).
Cerno Pole is about 4km from the E79 Vidin- Sofia road; approx. 40 km from Vidin. It lies on the edge of the Danube Plain before the foothills of the Serbian mountains, with Belogradchik about 15/20 km away.
The structure is sound, & like the cottage at Rakovitsa, is in good order, only wanting a bathroom & kitchen re-fitting. Both water & electricity are connected, & telephone is available.
This would make an ideal holiday retreat, having easy access from the main drag, plus proximity to both the mountains & the Danube.
There is a man in the village who would caretake the property & do simple maintenance.
& at 6,000euros, its a steal. Remember, prices are beginning to rise again in Bg!!! So don't lose the edge!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


When I first was taken to view the cottage at Rakovitsa, we drove into the village & I'd run out of cigarettes. So I asked the guy from the estate agency who was driving me around to stop at the village store. He said: Ok, my mother is the shop-keeper, & he introduced me. We exchanged pleasantries & I bought the cigarettes. After we'd both got back in the car I said: Where do you buy food? The shop had very little food on display; mainly kids sweets, cigarettes, & the inevitable wine & rakia. He said: What food? I thought for a second then said: Well, eggs for instance? Eggs? He said; Why would you want to buy eggs? Everyone has chickens!
I was green as grass then, but very soon I learnt. In the country areas of Bg they still live how we used to, maybe 100 years ago. They produce & make most of their own food; including their wine & rakia (of which they are allowed to distill 30 litres per annum!). Very green innt?
As a Bulgarian friend of mine put it: You pay extra for organic food in your country. In Bulgaria, all food is organic because the farmers cannot afford the fertlisers or the weedkillers! He's got a point, hasn't he?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The First Thing (& the first blog!)

Hello, all you alternative seekers, this is one of the cottages I have for sale in sunny Bg. Its ready to move into, but would need a bathroom & the kitchen re-fitting if you wanted it up to western european standards (otherwise leave it as it is & "go Bulgarian"! It even has furniture (basic but serviceable), but more importantly, it has 1200 sq. metres of good useable land with a well-tended vineyard, looked after by the bloke next door (who makes wine & rakia & who would show you how to do so).

There is more land available quite cheaply in the village as it is under-populated due to the parlous state of the Bulgarian economy.& of course, loadsa free pasture outside Rakovitsa; as there is around most villages in this area.
But if you just want it as a holiday home, well there's loads of things to do--- fishing, hunting, general touristy things, the mountains, the Danube, & cheap food & wine in the cafes, bars, & restuarants in both Vidin, Kula, Belogradchik(stunning place, google it!), & Vidin, the provincial capital.
So I'll leave you to peruse my website & for any more info "Watch this Space", thanks for looking & bye for now, doug.