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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ireland: my place: further:-

Hello again. Where is this location location place then? 25mls from the border on the Irish Republic side near to Ballinamore in co. Leitrim. Google Cornagher & you'll see the country its in. Unfortunately, google never came up my laneway, because its private, & so the best you can do is to see the lane entrance from the little country lane they drove down past the cottage at the bottom (not mine, by the way).
If you're looking for seclusion, security, peace, & maybe some degree of self sufficiency, well you've found it!
Now thats all for today; but soon I shall have made a video to follow on from the google earth pics so you'll be able to follow my laneway up the hill. & eventually, I shall disclose the asking price!, or you can email me at: or skype me at: dougdevos, if you really can't wait for the price!
Bye for now

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