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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our new investment plan.

If you go to: you will see the new investment plan for the small investor displayed. Well here are a few ideas as to how I see it shaping.

Firstly, these are only ideas; as I said in the intro on the website, nothing's written in stone!

Next, I don't see this as a massive world-wide plan for all of humanity to own a slice of the good life & have an untold number of foreign hols each year. It would be nice, but lets keep our feet on the ground! No, I see it, initially as a small plan for a few people , to start with, gradually increasing in numbers, & value, as we grow in experience together. Maybe 10/15, initially, rising to more month by month, until we all decide that this or that size is the optimum one we feel comfortable with.

Now that last paragraph raises more questions than it provides answers for; & this will be the tone of this & subsequent blogs on this subject, as interested parties email me with their ideas, suggestions & questions. So please email me at: . After all, my idea, which is written in stone, is that this plan will be owned & operated by every investor in it. I am happy to manage it. but working on behalf of you, the investor. I shall need expenses, as will any of yourselves who may chip in with management functions from time to time; but all the profits will go towards paying expenses, taxes (which are very low in Bg), & yearly profits ( which I think initially should be set at a low (5%) rate so to not be a burden on the fledgling company). This 5% rate merely reflects what you can earn with a long-term investment in a building society. The two more important benefits are an increase in capital value due to property prices rising in the long term, (& these are at a present all-time low, so the only way is up, as most investment gurus are predicting); &, of course, foreign holidays! Not to be sniffed at!

Well, I'll close now, & await you potential investors out there to email me with your thoughts. So bye for now, doug de vos

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