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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Unfortunately,the sorry little tale of silly, sad, & damaging deeds at Cerno Pole late last year has still not been brought to a conclusion; satisfactory or otherwise!
& so I post again about Bulgaria; still in the belief that the Vidin area is worth a look at. I must say that all of the people I have met & done business with around there have been good, honest, & reasonable people. & so let us hope that, apples & barrels, the bad ones are speedily picked out, so as not to taint the good with their rottenness.
Anyway, this post is by way of an advert aimed at businesses involved in the property market around that area who may wish to avail themselves of a free link to their website on my small sites: & .
I have recently set these two sites up & need ads, links, emails, blogs etc. for them. So its up to you all out there! A website is a flag on a mountain top! The view creates the traffic! So please help to improve the view! After all, its at you the tourists will be looking!
Lets hope for regular posts now , from me, about you, the advertisers!. See you soon, regards, doug

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