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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cheap as Chips!

Hello, I'm back! Bulgaria is still there!
The news is good & bad: good for buyers, but bad for sellers.
The best stories about selling are:- 1) the cheapest sale I've seen this year was on Ebay; where 600 sq. metres of regulated land went for 360GBP!!!; & 2) I was offered a cottage, with a small area of land, & a trout stream nearby, for 600GBP! (no, I haven't made a mistake with the noughts!); & this was from an English guy???
Anyway, get in there, because at the prices extant at present, the only way can be up; but a word of warning! There is some theft of buildings going on at present by fly operators demolishing old or interesting architectural relics, ie: barns etc., for export to countries like GB, for instance. They are choosing country properties that have been purchased, & left idle. So if you buy, please cover yourself, if you're not intending to renovate or live ther immediately, by arranging for your property to be manages r overseen by someone local to the area.
Anyway, I'm now busy with my 2 new websites, & then . So I'll finish for now, but blogs will be posted regularly this winter, as news arrives. Bye for now, Doug de Vos.

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