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Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is a lovely little cottage. Not a lot of land, but in the centre of the village of Cerno Pole, with the shop literally around the corner (left).
Cerno Pole is about 4km from the E79 Vidin- Sofia road; approx. 40 km from Vidin. It lies on the edge of the Danube Plain before the foothills of the Serbian mountains, with Belogradchik about 15/20 km away.
The structure is sound, & like the cottage at Rakovitsa, is in good order, only wanting a bathroom & kitchen re-fitting. Both water & electricity are connected, & telephone is available.
This would make an ideal holiday retreat, having easy access from the main drag, plus proximity to both the mountains & the Danube.
There is a man in the village who would caretake the property & do simple maintenance.
& at 6,000euros, its a steal. Remember, prices are beginning to rise again in Bg!!! So don't lose the edge!

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