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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Property Prices in Bulgaria

By Way of Explanation:
Take yourselves back 30 years. Ireeland then, was the poor man of the EU.
A house in Dublin would have cost 20/30,000 Irish Pounds; yes?
Its equivalent in the west of Ireland, maybe 3/5,000: ok?
Ireland was poor; anyone who had any sense at all either went to the east coast for work, or went abroad.
Bulgaria is the same now. If you live in the west(ie. Vidin province, for instance), you go east , young man/woman. Sofia, the Black Sea coast, or abroad, for work.
Desparately poor economy usually equals fragmented property market.
Move forward to, say, the year 2004. That little irish cottage in Connemara is now valued in the 100's of thousands. So if you bought it when it was 5, you made a profit! & how!
How did this occur? The EU money kick-started the economy between '94 & 2000; yes? & Irish wit & wisdom did the rest!
Money is trickling into Bg at an ever-increasing rate; & the old Bulgars are a bit like the Irish, daft as foxes! Just watch Bulgaria & give 'em 10 years. Ok?
So I'll leave the rest to your very wise Irish imagination; but watch this space!

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