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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The First Thing (& the first blog!)

Hello, all you alternative seekers, this is one of the cottages I have for sale in sunny Bg. Its ready to move into, but would need a bathroom & the kitchen re-fitting if you wanted it up to western european standards (otherwise leave it as it is & "go Bulgarian"! It even has furniture (basic but serviceable), but more importantly, it has 1200 sq. metres of good useable land with a well-tended vineyard, looked after by the bloke next door (who makes wine & rakia & who would show you how to do so).

There is more land available quite cheaply in the village as it is under-populated due to the parlous state of the Bulgarian economy.& of course, loadsa free pasture outside Rakovitsa; as there is around most villages in this area.
But if you just want it as a holiday home, well there's loads of things to do--- fishing, hunting, general touristy things, the mountains, the Danube, & cheap food & wine in the cafes, bars, & restuarants in both Vidin, Kula, Belogradchik(stunning place, google it!), & Vidin, the provincial capital.
So I'll leave you to peruse my website & for any more info "Watch this Space", thanks for looking & bye for now, doug.

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